The Best Hair Restoration Treatment That A Salon Can Offer

Professional hair restoration in the salon

To restore the growth and beauty of hair will help in a qualified salon or clinic. Modern methods help make strands thicker, more beautiful, restore siltiness and shine. Professional hair care will accelerate growth, develop inactive bulbs and make curls thicker. For good results, it is important to contact an experienced doctor and find a clinic equipped with new equipment.

When is a salon treatment needed?

Dry and brittle hair - a reason to go to the salon for recovery

They turn to the salon when the hair is weak, severely split, if the loss is much greater than usual. The institution must be chosen carefully, because unsuccessful treatment can affect not only the condition of the curls, but also the health of the whole organism.

In the salon the procedure is performed:

  • for dry and oily curls;
  • with constant fragility;
  • for sparse strands that require volume and restoration;
  • with great losses;
  • with dandruff and gray hair;
  • with the presence of bald spots;
  • when coloring is not successful at the hairdresser, burns appear or the hair begins to "crumble".

On a note!

Cosmetological procedures in beauty salons will only help with mechanical damage to the hair, if there are health problems, then they should be addressed by the attending physician.

Types of salon procedures

Restorative hair treatments can be done at any time of the year, but in the spring you especially want updates. The salon offers several methods of rehabilitation and treatment at once. Glass, laminate, glossing are variants of the same procedure, when at the last stage a special composition is applied to the strands and the hair is polymerized under the influence of high temperatures, a protective film is formed on them. With ozone therapy, injections are made into the scalp, and laser treatments affect the skin, improving blood circulation and sebaceous gland function.

Therapeutic procedures for hair restoration in the salon:

  • mesotherapy;
  • ampoule treatment;
  • ozone therapy.

What to do with hair in the salon:

  • laminate;
  • shield;
  • glass;
  • molecular luster;
  • botulinum toxin.

On a note!

Skin care procedures will not help with hormonal failure in the body, with skin diseases and anemia. And alopecia interferes with the growth of follicles, the bulb dies. You need to find the cause of hair loss, visit an endocrinologist, neurologist, undergo treatment, and only then go to the salon.

Salon treatment for oily hair

Oily hair needs to be washed daily to make sure it looks neat. To solve the problem, it is worth visiting a trichologist and endocrinologist, the possibility of increased work of the sebaceous glands is associated with hormonal failure or chronic diseases. The doctor will choose the optimal procedure that can normalize oily hair.


Mesotherapy - injection of a drug preparation into the scalp

Mesotherapy is prescribed for severe hair loss, damaged bulbs, dryness and fragility. It is also recommended to take a course with early graying, increased skin sensitivity and the presence of dandruff. The drug is injected under the scalp.

Therapy is more effective than masks, massages and medication. This procedure can only be performed by an experienced trichologist. The course, on average, lasts 7-10 procedures, they are performed no more than 1 time a week. Before starting hair treatment in the clinic, they find out the patient's condition, his chronic illness, whether there are any contraindications to mesotherapy.

The manipulation looks like this:

  • perform a head examination by a dermatologist;
  • make individual choices of drugs, vitamins;
  • perform injections;
  • produce skin treatments.

The composition of the drug includes natural ingredients: vitamins, trace elements and extracts of animal origin, which enhance hair growth. Useful substances penetrate the skin, activating the development of follicles. The effect of therapy lasts for 5-18 months.


Nursing staff should not perform injections. Only a doctor knows the exact dosage and contraindications of the drug.

Ozone therapy

Ozone therapy for hair restoration and active growth

Indications for the use of ozone therapy are oily hair, hair loss, dandruff and persistent itching of the scalp. Simple salons do not make complicated procedures, they are offered by large cosmetology centers. The treatment aims to stimulate the skin, eliminating fungi and bacteria.

The preparation fills the skin with nutrients and oxygen. Ozone is administered intravenously or injected into the dermis of the head. After the injection, metabolism improves, nutrition goes to the follicles, penetrating all layers of the epidermis. The application time of the composition is 20 minutes, the manipulation is pleasant and painless. This course includes 2-6 procedures. An alternative to injections is the "greenhouse", when a special composition is sprayed around the head with the help of an apparatus that penetrates under the skin.

Ampoule treatment

The use of vitamin ampoules on hair to restore damaged structure

Ampoule therapy overcomes prolapse and fragility. Thanks to the preparation of vitamins, biostimulants and amino acids, the structure of the hair is restored. They become elastic, elastic, shine back on them.

Ampoules contain plant extracts, vitamins, oils, minerals, organic acids, proteins. They are applied after washing, the contents are distributed over the entire surface of the hair, rubbed with massage movements. The composition used does not need to be washed off the head. This procedure can be performed at home. The course of therapy is 1-3 months.

Salon treatment for thin and brittle hair that lacks volume

Dry hair appears after using a hair dryer, ironing, chopsticks. For the same reason, the ends split and broke. Problems also arise when dyeing, perming, after frequent forging. Curly health is affected by berries, skin diseases, hormonal failure. Salon hair care helps restore structure, protect them from damage and restore their beauty.

Hair lamination

Hair before and after lamination

Lamination - using a special laminating composition on the curls. After application, the hair is adjusted, the product envelops them and a thin film is formed. It protects the curls from damage. At the base of the root, the composition is not used. Lamination helps in case of dyeing is not successful, the hair burns after ironing.


  • strands become compliant, easily brushed;
  • the ends stop splitting;
  • shine back;
  • the hair is not supplied with electricity.

The second procedure was performed after 6 weeks, not earlier. The duration of the effect depends on the care of the head, the use of shampoos and other cosmetics. This procedure does not cure and does not relieve damage, it visually creates a stylish and shiny for a while.


Lamination should not be performed in case of damage and skin diseases, as well as allergic reactions to the components of the preparation and with severe hair loss.

Hair protection

Salon screening treatments will help make hair strong and shiny

Unlike laminates, protectors nourish the hair not only from the outside, but also from the inside, restoring and protecting it. Hairdressers recommend alternating procedures. The display is transparent and colored. You can not only treat your hair, but also immediately change their shade.

Inspection instructions:

  • frequent staining of strands;
  • perm;
  • fragility;
  • drought;
  • the ends of the hair are branched.

After the procedure, the hair thickens, their fragility is reduced, moisturizing occurs, shine appears. Disadvantages include the short action of the product (it washes quickly) and increased rigidity of the curls. Staining is safe, because the composition of the preparation does not include alkaline compounds. After 5 visits, the paint accumulated and did not disappear from the curls.

Shine hair

Before and after shining hair

Glass is similar to laminate, but differs in product composition and medicinal effect. The material not only covers the surface, but also fills the voids in the cuticle. Ceramide forms a protective layer around the hair.

Glaze is used to clean and dry the strands for the entire length. The composition is left for 20 minutes, then washed and dried with a towel. Like a shield, the glaze may contain dyes, different shades depending on the color of the curls themselves by 2 tones. After visiting the salon, the hair becomes strong, smooth, shiny.


Contraindications to glass are alopecia and skin diseases.

Molecular luster

Molecular hair polish results

Shiny - helps weak and dry hair. During the use of the product, the curls are saturated with useful ingredients throughout the whole. All scales are open, the composition goes inside, under the action of high temperatures the components are sealed in the hair and are not washed off after using the shampoo. A protective film appears on the surface, shines and beauty returns to the curls.

Perform the procedure like this:

  • on dry and clean hair, the master uses a rebuilder;
  • strands brushed several times;
  • dry hair with a hair dryer using a brush with natural bristles;
  • fix the medicine with a hot iron;
  • Do not wash your hair after using the product.

The scalp and roots are not touched during the procedure, the glossy coating does not touch this area. There is a separate application of the product, where it is applied at the root. The effects of molecular exposure last for a month. Severely damaged strands shine 1 time in 3 weeks. After staining, the procedure was performed after 2 weeks.

Botulinum toxin

Hair before and after using drugs with amino acids and keratin

Typically, botulinum toxin is used to smooth wrinkles on the skin. But injections are not needed for curls. Botulinum toxin is applied to the hair in 2 stages. The composition of the drug includes amino acids, vitamins, keratin. After the procedure, the strands are smoothed, stopped dielectric, shiny and shine back to them.

Funding application:

  • the head is washed, dried;
  • serum with active ingredient is applied on each strand, distributed throughout the whole;
  • intracillation penetrates into the hair where there is not enough protein;
  • apply a composition that seals the hair cuticle;
  • the result remains with hot air.


After botulinum toxin, you should not comb the strands for 4 hours and do not recommend being in the sun for 10 hours. Wash your hair with a sulfate -free shampoo. Hair is combed only after complete drying. It is forbidden to affect the curls with high temperatures (hot drying mode with a hair dryer, curling iron, etc. ).

Hair care is required at any time of the year. But in winter, they are mainly vitamin deficient, wear hats and cold. Which one procedure to choose depends on the condition of the curls, the reason why the hair falls out or breaks. Before treatment, you should consult a dermatologist or trichologist and your doctor. You should carefully choose clinics and specialists, knowing the reviews of other patients of medical institutions. Every day there are new remedies that will help restore hair, restore their old beauty and shine.