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  • Effective methods of intensive hair restoration in salons and at home.
    20 February 2022
  • What are the best salon procedures to help restore the health of damaged hair, get rid of hair loss. When it is necessary to perform a procedure, type them. Which professional therapy is suitable for the treatment of oily hair, and which one helps dry and brittle hair.
    15 January 2022
  • Methods for the restoration of deep hair in the salon and at home, useful recommendations from experts.
    12 December 2021
  • Why do Women Lose Hair? The most common cause of female alopecia. How to deal with baldness: effective treatment methods, useful tips, recipes of traditional medicine.
    10 December 2021
  • Hair loss in men is a common problem and there are many ways to solve it. Methods for the treatment of alopecia consist of the use of various cosmetic agents, drugs, physiotherapeutics.
    15 August 2021
  • From this article you can find out how alopecia spreads, as a result of which baldness occurs in women. Symptoms and how to treat baldness properly.
    8 August 2021
  • Changing hair color is much easier than restoring your natural color later. Correction of unsuccessful drawings can be done by coloring and mixing the composition. 5 ways to restore color at home.
    9 July 2021
  • Alopecia in women: the first signal that you have alopecia, the causes of alopecia in women, types of alopecia in women, especially alopecia in women, treatment of alopecia in women, concealment of alopecia in women.
    13 June 2021
  • Head alopecia is quite common in men. What can cause bald spots, how to treat male pattern baldness - this article will tell you.
    31 May 2021
  • Head and body hair loss? Find out the causes of hair loss (alopecia). Hair treatment, remedies for hair loss and baldness in men and women.
    31 May 2021
  • How to restore damaged hair structure at home: recipes for effective masks and features of their use, useful suggestions.
    13 January 2021
  • Effective folk remedies for hair restoration: recipes for masks and features of their use.
    27 November 2020
  • Effective oils for hair recovery: how to choose the right one and how to use it.
    23 November 2020
  • The hair need to be treated, can cause damage to the hair, the restoration and revitalization of the hair in the house, and in the recovery area, the mask is in the house, to prevent damage to your hair.
    19 June 2020
  • Keratin hair restoration: how it influences the keratin of the hair, the dangers, the advantages, and disadvantages of of recovering the keratin. The mask is in the house - the preparation and the implementation rules.
    21 May 2020
  • Tips: how to choose a shampoo that is a list of the tools that are recommended for hair health. How to choose a good hair shampoo. How to wash your hair — simple rules.
    1 May 2020
  • To restore the hair, apply to all types of skins. You can prepare it at home. If you familiarize yourself with the recipes of the straightening mask for your hair at home
    30 April 2020
  • The term "hair restoration" means, first of all, the normalization of their status, and the return of decadence, softness, shine, and thickness, in conjunction with the resolution of a breakage, split ends, after all, dryness, and blemishes.
    1 April 2020