Directions for use Vita Hair Max

Vita Hair Max - general characteristics:

The form of the release:

A Spray or a lotion, without a doctor's prescription

The Volume of 1 carton:

125 ml

The active substance is:

PROCAPIL™ is a 3%


Keratin, magnesium, caffeine,


For external use only

Clinico-pharmacological group:

To stop the loss of hair, growth of hair in both men and women

Pharmaco-therapeutic group:

The product, loss of hair, in order to stimulate growth and against dandruff.

In the step, an extra tool:

The restoration of the damaged hair

Driving directions:

the treatment of hair loss is the natural medium for the Vita is Hair Max
  1. The loss of hair
  2. The slow growth of the hair
  3. The dandruff on the head
  4. For weak, brittle and hard hair

Spray Vita Hair Max - a new tool in the field of beauty and health, care for weak and damaged hair, which is prone to a great deal. In addition to its primary destination, thus eliminating the problem of loss of hair, and spray Vita Hair Max it eliminates the dandruff from the head, to stimulate the growth of hair in the active growth to dormant bulbs (follicles). And it also has medicinal properties. The daily application of the spray-it restores the structure of damaged hair. Clinical trials have confirmed the efficacy and lack of side effects.

A statement of assignment, composition,

Diary of the fall of the hair, and dandruff from the head in parallel with the unpleasant sensations (itching and irritation), brittle, weak, and dark hair growth is very slow. All of the signs of a lack of magnesium and keratin, which are responsible for the growth of the visual appeal of the area. When such symptoms come to the aid of a spray Vita Hair Max. It does not require a doctor's prescription.

The active components of the spray:

  • PROCAPIL™ is a 3% improvement in the circulation of the blood and it awakens your hair follicles
  • Magnesium - strengthens the hair and stimulates the growth of
  • Keratin - restores the structure of damaged hair
  • Caffeine blocks the main problem of hair loss is the production of male sex hormone, testosterone, which promotes the termination of loss of hair.

How to use it, indications and contra-indications

how to polzovatsa some of the anti hair loss spray-the Vita is Hair Max

Use Vita Hair Max it is very simple to do. Enough to spray the spray on the hair one or more times, depending on the length of your hair and to the hair to a uniform distribution:

  • For top impact from the fall, anti-dandruff, growth, healing, and strengthening to the hair, it is recommended that you apply the spray every day, twice a day. Within a month's time.
  • To keep your hair healthy and beautiful is a once-a-day.

Vita Hair Max the product, loss of hair and universal. Designed to be used not only to women but to men. The smell is non-specific, which is closer to neutral.

Indications and Contra-indications are missing. Comes with the spray, PROCAPIL™ and 3% - on a small scale. It is not able to harm to the human body, including pregnant women and women during breast-feeding. Clinical studies have confirmed the absence of any side effects. Exclusion of people with an intolerance to one of the components of the composition.

More information about the product:

  • Along with the spray, it will open with the information from the manufacturer.
  • in Romania Vita Hair Max it is not sold in drug stores. To order the spray-in is only possible via the official web site of the company.