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Vita Hair Max - a brand new cure for hair loss. The composition of keratin, caffeine, and magnesium revitalises the hair, stimulates growth and awakens sleeping hair follicles.

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To order the spray in the two countries, it is only possible via the game's official website. The price of spray {45€ in}. The discount from the manufacturer for up to 50%. The dispute, part of the order-two for the price of one!

We work without pre-payment. Pay when you receive the e-mail address. Delivery in any city.

Spray Vita Hair Max for the month, you don't want the hair's vitality and energy.

Products against hair loss. Vita Hair Max - new tool on the market of products for health and beauty. The way of liberation -- a spray. Directed to the solution of the problem of hair loss. It restores and strengthens damaged hair structure from the roots. Effectively eliminates dandruff from the scalp. Thousands of consumers to try out the action of the spray, which point to a positive result after a week of daily use.

Spray-hair-loss - step-5-in-1

Vita Hair Max it is a successful result of the coordinated work of the specialists and scientists who want a product that has the solution to all of the most common problems in hair care products.

The Spray combines the actions of five of the most common funds in the wider world:

  1. Against hair loss
  2. The growth of the new hair - wake up with the hair
  3. Against dandruff from the scalp
  4. For a quick, natural, heap
  5. In order to strengthen and restore your hair from the roots
universal-spray against hair loss for both men and women, the Vita is Hair Max

Spray Vita Hair Max the easy-to-use. Easy to use, and it is distributed throughout the length of the hair will not be oily, and no signs.

Buy a spray can Vita Hair Max - you buy a product that is effective against hair loss and dandruff, and to strengthen and repair damaged hair, natural remedies for a quick surfacing to the natural hair.

The Spray is universal. It is for both men and women. It is recommended that you use daily. A once-a-day - for the recovery of damaged hair and to prevent loss. The two-times-a-day to correct hair loss and dandruff, speed up hair growth.

The action of the spray against hair loss and stimulate the growth of

If the uniform is applied to the components that make up the formula Vita Hair Maxactive , nourish the scalp and hair for the entire length of the root. Absorbed, the spray will also actively affect the dormant bulbs (follicles). Today is similar to the structure of the hair, and in the wake of the follicles and a useful source of vitamins and minerals, this spray creates a mechanism for recovery, and an urgent wake-up. Therefore, the research and practice of consumer, showed that after one week of using the spray, the hair appears silky and soft, sparkle, beauty, and health. And after about a month of use, hair becomes noticeably longer and thicker. With just a couple of weeks for the spray to be effective in fighting dandruff.

the right tool for the daily care for the hair, keratin's Vita Hair Max

Indications for use, contra-indications, how to use it

The loss of hair

The need for the use of a spray against hair loss and it is self-evident. Daily hair loss - when you wash the head, when you brush it, and for no reason throughout the day.

The dandruff on the head

Sign is white flakes on the clothes feel so good on the skin and is always scratching, and it generates discomfort).

Rare the hair, and male pattern baldness

He wakes up those who sleep in the hair follicles and stimulates growth of new hair. After a month, it should be noted that the hair it was very thick.

Brittle, weak and thin hair

It restores the structure of hair. It fills the hair with vitamins and minerals, contributing to the cure of a broken frame. Fill in the missing keratin.

Thanks to herbal formulations and natural, you have to spray for lack of contra-indications to the use of. There are detailed instructions about the properties, indications and contra-indications.

App. With the help of a mask, a spray, apply on the net for the whole length of the hair, brush it out. The number of strokes depends on the thickness and length of hair. When there is dandruff, or a desire to increase the density of the hair, and pay special attention to the skin on the scalp and the hair roots. Massage movements rub in the spray. With the help of the active components in the spray and light massage your hair to grow faster, and how are you waking up to the growth of new ones. Apply the spray every day for 1-2 times.

The power of natural ingredients

In addition to all these advantages and benefits, Vita Hair Max built on the basis of the all-natural ingredients. The formula of the spray is a combination of active ingredients of natural origin. It has no side effects. In the absence of the chemical, alcohol, silicone, and synthetic resin.

the tool is caffeine and loss of hair Vita, Hair Max

- Magnesium - an important element that makes up every tissue and cell in the human body, including the hair. It is responsible for the growth and development. If the level is sometimes lowered, and he said that the slow growth of the hair. Thus, in the presence of magnesium as the active components in the spray ensures that the re-growth of existing and new hair.

With the caffeine. According to the results of the investigation, it became known that the main cause of hair loss in both men and women is an excess of the male hormone, testosterone! And that's exactly the of caffeine, it has properties that are able to neutralize the testosterone. Therefore, to stop hair loss.

Keratin - a basic element of a hair follicle from the hair, make up over 75% of the entire structure. The washing of the head, shampoos, chlorinated water, for the term of the railway, the wrong style, the unfavourable external conditions, the environment and the weather conditions (the frost, or, on the contrary, in the hot sun). All of this is having a negative impact on the top layer of hair (cuticle hair). Re-surface, it will be just the addition of keratin to the outside world. For example, Vita Hair Max. Apply the spray all over the hair, the hair to a uniform distribution of the particles in the water. Repeat this on a daily basis in the morning and in the evening, for a week. You will see a big difference between the before and the after. Your hair will look smooth and silky, which means Vita Hair Max he filled the structure with hair keratin, and bore him to the corruption. With the help of the special hair that is not only beautiful, but also easy to style and stack. They become more resistant to the negative effects of external factors.

As a pre-order in Romania - the price of the L169 (what is the cost in another country)

To purchase the original of a spray against hair loss Vita Hair Maxmake your reservation through the official website. Use the simplest form of online ordering where you just need to specify the name and number of the telephone to communicate with each other. Wait for a call from the manager, to verify all the details. Delivery to all over the country (Romania). For the payment, when you receive it.

Vita-Hair Max spray, beverage holder, thick, and long hair with no dandruff.

Watch out for the fakes and the frauds. Our company is not responsible for the originality and effectiveness of the product is purchased with any other store. Do not ask for pre-payment.

You must be a manager of our company, and you also can inform you about the completion of the action. For example, today's work is the promotion of up to 50%. You can buy in a spray can Vita Hair Max at a bargain price, or just a two for the price of one.

Spray Vita Hair Max it has helped thousands of men and women to get rid of the loss, to achieve a beautiful, healthy hair, and to feel more confident in yourself. Try it for you.

A comment from a doctor

Dr. The doctor-trichologist Ion Ion
The doctor-trichologist
The time of the service:
Hair loss - a common condition in Romania and all over the world. Of particular concern to women. Find a affordable rate, the method of stopping the hair loss, that is almost impossible. Generally, it is expensive treatment methods which can enable that it is not all over the world. With the spray Vita Hair Max hundreds of thousands of women have become more glad. The Spray will effectively prevent further hair loss after the first month of implementation. It eliminates dandruff, stimulates growth, and strengthens hair from the root. It has the composition and does not cause allergies. I recommend it to my patients Vita Hair Max as a reliable and affordable solution for you!